Which Internet is Best in India JioFiber, Airtel, Tata or others?

Many times we come across the situation we are unable to decide the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) for our home and office. We often get confused evaluating many ISPs price and package they offer. As we all know today and specially after pandemic everything has moved to online and work from home. In such case we need the best internet at our home and office. It is also predicted by the year 2025 80 to 90% operations will be online and digital.


The first and foremost question that you should ask yourself is, what are my requirements, how I will be using an intent and purpose.


  • Minimal Usage, like daily you use the Internet for normal and general use, browsing, surfing, information, paying bills, checking emails.
  • Internet for study and education and general usage as above.
  • Internet for education, study, general usage and job work from home (if you are into Customer Support, Software and IT and daily online meetings then you need better internet than general work from home jobs).
  • Internet for education, study, general usage, business
  • Internet for education, study, general usage, online business
  • How do you respond to your client emails and online communication, immediate, within a few hours, within 48 hours.
  • Internet for education, study, general usage, online, business, gaming
  • Internet for education, study, general usage, online business, gaming, TV, OTT

Depending on the above requirements, application of your internet vary and applications and apps you use also vary.


Now what is the best internet service?


  • No Frequent Disconnection, your internet should not disconnect frequently. There are several technical reasons to it not just ISP. But assuming there is no problem from your end, then you should choose ISP that has 100% uptime and no downtime. Internet is connected all the time, it may happen the speed of internet may fluctuate a bit. If your internet is disconnecting frequently then there is problem at your end or at ISP. Consider a scenario, you work from home and you attend online ZOOM meetings, what if your internet disconnects? You will lose the meeting and if this is frequent and unstable it is very annoying and embarrassing for you and others. If you have client meetings online then it is most shameful that you do not own the best quality internet. Similar is the case when you are Teacher and giving a class to your students online.
  • No fluctuating Speed, if ISP is good and has a better technology infrastructure and network configuration your speed will remain constant and as per plan and package. Always have consideration of up to 20% loss in speed, example if you opted for 100mbps speed pack, then you should get 80% that is 80mbps speed at your home or office. This is for both when you are connected to internet through cable or WiFi. The company who argue and tells you they can commit speed on WiFi don't buy their services. Normally they will give you various external factory and pass the bug on you as reasons for poor speed on WiFi. But that is not the fact.
  • No Buffering, Audio and Video Losses, if the company has solid and robust and quality network you will not experience buffering, audio and video losses.
  • Quality and Excellent Network Latency.
  • Jitter is another parameter you should also check, it should be 0% but considering internal and external factors, and giving some relief to ISP it should not be more than 1%.
  • Security, always check if your internet is secure or not or how secure it is to use the internet for the ISP.
  • Customer Support, pre and post sale support are highly important, if your ISP do not have best and quick support than simply ignore them.
  • Not less than 80% speed both on cable and wifi (2.4 and 5 GHz)


Who is the Best ISP then, JioFiber, Airtel, Tata, or others?


ISP's who have 80% commercial focus, which means their intent is just sale as many connections and make money by giving lucrative offers lack the real technology side depth. You must have come across this kind of buzz words 10 Million Customers, 50 Million customers. Fiber internet is still a new concept, and as per our experience many providers lack real in depth technology knowledge. Neither the customers nor the provider really know the best sides of the technology.

The more focus is given on the pricing, who is the cheap ISP, customers and provider focus more on pricing than the quality and security.

Your internet service provider or any products and services that you buy shall give you peace of mind, by saying so, once you invest time, efforts, and money on buying something you should not require keeping investing your time, efforts, money, focus, and energy on it indeed your energies and focus should be on your business and purpose you opted services for. If your ISP is pain for you simply quit them.

Do not settle for poor quality, demand and ask for best quality product, services and support. One of the reason for avg or poor quality is customer themselves settle and accept defective quality products and services.

Never buy new internet connection or associated services for 12 Months, try them for a few months like try the services for 3 months, pay monthly, if its really helping and solving your purpose. If you already have internet service and opting for new, do not surrender old ISP wait and given some time for migration.

According to our study, research and experience, none of the ISP is the best all fall between 1 and 3 ratings. By saying so if you check them based on various technical, support and commercial factors they fall into 1 to 3 ratings.

When buying for an internet service check the above parameters those are minimum requirements for peaceful internet connection.

We found BSNL and MTNL are the better technology services, if you are having a good cabling at your home or office, you should opt for BSNL or MTNL. If you are having poor cabling replace them with CAT6 or + better quality cables, without any joints and end to end connection to your home or office. You may not get lucrative speed or sale offers on these networks but you will have 100% time to focus on purpose once the end to end connection is configured and setup to your home or office from these ISPs. Obviously for business or corporate leased lines solutions are available.

As a customer if you, yourself are not serious about the receiving quality of product and services and get easily settle with avg quality, your provider will also not put more efforts and investments on quality.

Hope this helps, please do comment and discuss further and share your experiences.

Good Luck!

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